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Tablo's puppetry blurs the separation between puppeteer and puppet to create a total
visual experience. Always thought provoking, these intriguing theatrical shows and staged performances stay with audiences long after the curtain has fallen.

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Dr Eccles Exploratorium (2009): 



Sing Boy Sing (2010)

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Box (2010)
Box ran for 14 shows in the Nibelheim Theatre, Christchurch Arts Centre. It featured mask, puppetry, film and a powerful soundscape, in an old man's reflection on the pivotal moment of his life. The show played to many full houses and was enthusiastically received by critics and the public alike.

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Box review





It'll End In Tears

Devised for the 2012 Christchurch Body Festival, It'll End In Tears was a 50-min dance/physical theatre show. Through choreography by Fleur de Thier, mask, puppetry, clowning, film, and an original cello score composed by Kenneth Young, the piece journed through a lifetime, exploring those many moments that so often end in tears. A great success with all shows sold out.

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In Absentia

Award tops off successful premiere

Tablo have ended our 4-show premiere of In Absentia at the 10th Dunedin Fringe Festival on a highly successful note: the show was nominated by the Fringe Committee for three awards - Best Production Design, Best Theatre, and Best of Fringe - and ended up winning Best Production Design. We were delighted with the recognition. And thrilled to find in our audiences some of Dunedin's most respected theatre doyens. It was a wonderful affirmation that contemporary puppetry is a valid theatrical art form. We were also humbled by the show's sensitive and scholarly review from Theatreview's Jonathan Marshall (http://www.theatreview.org.nz/reviews/review.php?id=5735).


The Globe, such an idiosyncratic and gorgeously atmospheric venue, suited Tablo to a T, feeling very much like a Southern home away from home. We thank Festival Director Paul Smith for his support in inviting and helping fund Tablo to bring In Absentia to Dunedin. We also need to thank, amongst many: Sue Beesley, Adam Hayward, Sean James, Tim McInnes, Ari Edgecombe, Christcurch Community Arts Council and Showbiz Christchurch, in helping us bring the show to fruition.

Tablo's latest run of sell-out In Absentia shows, three in the Hamilton Fringe and six in the Christchurch Body Festival, were generously received by audiences and critics alike. See below for a few comments from our most recent reviews. It's been a wonderful and humbling experience to have so people many come up after each performance and share with us their own families' experiences of Alzheimer's and dementia. We never planned for the show to be cathartic - it also traverses issues of love and loss, growing old, loneliness, and religion - but it is clear that a whole lot of people from all walks of life are finding it useful in freeing them to discuss and share their own moving stories.

"...extraordinary imagery and powerful invention. The artistry of the puppeteers, two black clad men, Simon van der Slujis and John Cohen-du Four, is impeccable and they have choreographed their sequences and transitions beautifully, so that the audience flicks in and out of recognition of their craft, like a tricky Gestalt painting of old woman / young maiden. This show may be about dementia and memory loss but it is unforgettable."
- Gail Pittaway, Theatreview (Hamilton) www.theatreview.org.nz/reviews/review.php?id=6333

"(Tablo's) work exhibits compassion and finesse. A full house attended this opening at The Body Festival, and this elegant and eloquent piece deserves a full season."
- Elizabeth O’Connor, Theatreview (Christchurch)

"Beautiful, and more uplifting than a show about Alzheimer's has a right to be. An enchanting, rich and sophisticated piece. The combination of 21st century technology and traditional puppetry techniques makes for engaging theatre and the near full-house was spellbound. It exhorts us to remember - and you will."
- Brigid Kelly, The Press (Christchurch)